Dry-cooling towers

Date:Aug 04, 2016

Dry cooling towers cooling towers is one of the circulating water and air with no direct contact with only hot-swappable cooling towers. Dry cooling towers with no evaporation, no flying characteristics of water, apply to water shortage in North China area air conditioning and industrial cooling machine.

Cycle of dry cooling tower carries waste heat of water from the main room into the cooling fin tubes, cooling fin tube contact working fluid, transmission fluid heat into the surrounding air. Circulating water and outside air temperature should be not less than 10 degrees centigrade to ensure thermal performance of a heat transfer.

Closed type cooling tower circulation water in a closed loop circuits of thermal heat loss through conduction, thus no gas heat exchanger, no evaporation, no fly water. Dry cooling towers with natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation can also be used. If you do not use wind machines, dry cooling towers does not produce Eddy current and mechanical noise, quiet performance.

-Dry cooling tower of circulating water heat transfer by conduction cooling limit for the dry-bulb temperature of the air, thus cooling efficiency is not high, relatively wet cooling towers and cooling water temperature is high. Dry cooling tower requires a lot of metal fin tube heat, therefore high manufacturing costs. Under the same conditions of tonnage, the cost for the wet type Tower more than 4 times.

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