Does discriminant air conditioning should add fluorine?

Date:May 08, 2020


As the temperature rises, many areas have gradually entered the summer, and to rely on air conditioning to continue life. If sorching summer air conditioning does not refrigerate is absolutely devastating disaster, a lot of people say should summer add fluorine to air conditioning? Small make up here tell you, not all air conditioning should add fluorine, and add fluorine also cannot solve all problems, so how does discriminant air conditioning should add fluorine?

Does discriminant air conditioning should add fluorine?

Actually, cause air conditioning is not refrigeration or the reason that refrigerating action is poorer to have a lot of, if indoor machine is too dirty, filter net is blocked, machine trouble, door window is sealed owe good wait a moment. It doesn't have to be fluorine deficiency, so we don't want to use years to see if we should add fluorine, but we can do it the following way.

Can air conditioning add fluorine by itself?

In theory it is. The first fluorination equipment is fluorinated tube (fluorinated tube), vacuum pressure watchband valve and bottle valve (open valve). So how do you add fluorine? Let me show you how:

1. Connect the refrigerant cylinder, repair table and fluoride-filling port with the fluoride-filling hose to remove the air from the hose.

2. Start the compressor and use the pressure difference between the cylinder and the refrigerating system to fill the refrigerant gas (if the refrigerating system is vacuumed in advance, the refrigerant gas should be filled into the refrigerant gas in the stop state, and the filling can be started again when the pressure gauge pointer no longer rises).

3. Observe the pointer change of pressure gauge in the process of fluorine filling. The pressure gauge pointer is maintained within the range of 0.45-0.5Mpa by intermittent fluorination.

4. After 30 minutes of test operation, the air conditioner should be in the normal operation state mentioned above.

5, after the stop of the machine with washing spirit to check each leak suspect.

Still suggest to seek professional personage to deal with nevertheless, outside the position of machine is more dangerous commonly, and every kind of air conditioning model needs to add fluorine pressure number is different, it is better to contact teacher to come to the door service as far as possible, say summer air conditioning adds fluorine so also must not work, pass a few small skill skill differentiate air conditioning should add fluorine

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