How Many Types of Mixer Do You Know?

Date:Jun 04, 2018

Do you know how many types of mixer there are? Do you know their design features? Do you know the different function of different type? Below information may help you know more about mixer and find the right mixer needed quickly.

Horizontal Mixer


Design Features:

  1. The pail of horizontal mixer can incline 100 degrees.

  2. The timer allows you to select mixing time within 0-30 minutes.

  3. Suitable for mixing granules and powders.

Vertical Mixer


Design Features:

  1. Vertical mixer has 4 castor wheels, easy to move;

  2. It is of high speed mixing, low noise and high efficiency;

  3. Timer allows to set mixing time freely within 0-30 minutes.

  4. Suitable for mixing granules and powders.

Dry Color Mixer


Design Features:

  1. Dry color mixer is of high speed rotation;

  2. It sets time and temperature control into one, can dry the mixed materials while mixing.

  3. Suitable for drying and mixing granules and powders.

Rotary Mixer


Design Features:

  1. This type can rotate 360 degree;

  2. Timer allows to set mixing time within 0-30 minutes;

  3. Not suitable for powders.

Screw Mixer

Design Features:

  1. Screw mixer is of big capacity;

  2. It mix materials by rolling up and down stirring.

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