Difference Between Chiller And Cooling Tower

Date:Jun 11, 2018

There are many kinds of refrigeration equipment in daily use, but the application range of chiller is relatively wide, it can control the temperature within a specific range, and the cooling effect is stable, which is suitable for use in various industries. When working, the chiller cools the industrial equipment through circulating cooling water, so as to ensure the equipment operate stable, safe and efficient. When we buy a chiller, firstly, we should consider the type of chiller. There are two types of chiller: water cooled chiller and air cooled chiller. Then when we buy chillers, which one should we choose? What are the differences between water cooled chiller and air cooled chiller?

The air-cooled chiller realizes the cooling function through the refrigerant circulating cooling water of the chiller. With the heat exchange by the fan and the air, the air-cooled chiller is also radiated by fans and dust-proof nets. Besides temperature control, The air-cooled chiller is also in stable - performance, small space - occupation, easy to move and operate.

The water-cooled chiller transport the refrigerant circulating cooling water to the equipment through the water pump and the cooling water circuit. The water-cooled chiller is relatively less affected by the environment, but it requires the company to have a good quality water source for circulation cooling. Besides, because it is equipped with a cooling tower, the water-cooled chiller occupies a large area and requires a large amount of installation and maintenance. The chiller is the core of the chiller plants, and the cooling tower is the end equipment of the cooling water system of the air-cooled air-conditioning system to deal with the water heat transfer from the condenser.

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