Cooling Tower Safety Control Considerations

Date:Jul 06, 2018

Cooling Tower Safety Control Considerations

Cooling tower safety control considerations 1 Analysis of fan energy-saving controller The purpose of the fan energy-saving control management is to realize the closed-loop automatic control of the fan operation. According to the needs of production, the water supply temperature is preset. The influence of the climatic meteorological environment on the water temperature and the change of the system heat transfer conditions on the water temperature are reflected in time by the measured value of the temperature sensor. Finally, the energy consumption of the cooling device is controlled. Stable water supply temperature to achieve self-control energy saving. It is generally believed that "frequency control technology" is the ideal way to complete the above process. However, the application of variable frequency speed control technology in the control of circulating water cooling tower fans has the following limitations and defects:

1 "Variable frequency control technology" can achieve high temperature control accuracy, but this is not very important in the circulating cooling water system. 2 The energy loss of the inverter itself (the average operating efficiency is less than 90%) affects the energy saving effect. 3 Variable speed operation causes the blade blade angle of attack to change (windward angle), and the fan is operated away from the working point to reduce the efficiency. 4 The low-speed operation of the motor from the rated speed and the non-linear relationship between the speed, torque and power consumption also greatly reduce the operating efficiency of the motor. 

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