Cooling tower operation note three points

Date:Aug 04, 2016

A matter of preparation before operation:

1) foreign material into the air or wind around trunks of shooting;

2) determines the tail of the windmills and the wind have enough clearance between the trunks and avoid damage caused by operation;

3) check whether the reducer of the v-belt adjustment appropriate;

4) v-belt pulley position must be maintained at the same level with each other;

5) after the completion of these checks, intermittent up switch, check for proper windmills work? And whether there are abnormal noise vibration to produce?

6) hot plate and clean debris within the Tower;

7) hot plate dust removal of foreign body, and then filled with water to the overflow location

8) intermittent start circulating pump, to exclude air, until the pipes and cold water basin full of water so far;

9) when the normal operation of circulating water pump, cold water basin the water level dropped slightly, so we have to adjust the float valve to a certain level;

10) system, reconfirm circuit switches, fuses and wiring specifications match the motor load.

Second, towers starting Note:

A windmill, intermittent starting, check for reverse operation of any unusual noise or vibration occurs? And then starting the pump operation;

B, check whether the Windmill motor current overload? To avoid motor Burnout or voltage drop;

C, use the control valve to adjust water hot water the water between 30~50mm;

D running, check the cold water basin water levels remain normal.

Three, a water tower during the operation notes:

A, after 5-6 days of operation, recheck the pinwheel reducer v-belts properly? If loose, bolt can be adjusted using appropriate locking again;

B operation, cooling tower, after a week, you will have to replace the circulating water to clear debris in the piping of grime;

C, the cooling efficiency of cooling tower influence level by circulation, for this reason, must ensure that the hot water of a certain level;

D, cold water basin of water level drop, circulating pumps and air-conditioners, the performance will be affected, so the water level must be kept;

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