Cooling Tower Great Effect Of Industrial Chiller

Date:Jun 30, 2018

Cooling Tower Great Effect Of Industrial Chiller

In order to improve the operating efficiency and cooling effect of industrial chillers, many companies are mostly building external cooling towers. Because the external cooling tower can speed up the volatilization of the heat source of the industrial chiller, it has a far-reaching impact from shortening the time consumed for cooling down and saving the energy consumption of the long-term use of industrial chillers. Therefore, configuring a suitable cooling tower is the basic measure for improving the efficiency of industrial chillers.

For high-speed water-cooled chillers, it requires the help of cooling towers. Because an industrial chiller operating at high efficiency generates a large amount of heat by itself, if the air-cooling method is used to cool the temperature, the overall cooling effect is poor and is affected by the ventilation environment. The use of an air-cooled industrial chiller in a poorly ventilated environment is not comparable to a water-cooled industrial chiller regardless of the cooling performance and the durability of the low temperature environment.

The operation efficiency of the water-cooled industrial chiller can be improved by means of an external cooling water tower. When the industrial chiller is actually operated, the heat generated by the industrial chiller is relatively high. If the chiller cannot be eliminated in time, the operating efficiency of the industrial chiller will be affected. In particular, for companies that use a large number of industrial chillers, a large amount of heat cannot be eliminated, which will inevitably lead to an increase in the temperature range of the use environment, affecting the durability and stability of the low-temperature environment, leading to an increase in the energy consumption of industrial chillers.

Cautions for using water-cooled industrial chiller cooling towers: Although the use of cooling towers for industrial chillers can increase the operating efficiency and cooling effect of the equipment, it is actually necessary to select a suitable cooling tower when installing the cooling towers for water-cooled industrial chillers. position. The installation position of the cooling tower must be higher than that of the industrial chiller, and the greater the height range, the faster the water flow in the cooling tower, which helps the rapid cooling. The water-cooled industrial chillers and cooling towers in the horizontal position not only have low water flow, but also cause the cooling water pump of the cooling tower to be overloaded and shorten the service life of the pumps.

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