Cooling Tower Cleaning Method

Date:May 22, 2018

Cooling Tower Cleaning Method


After a long period of use, the cooling tower also needs inspection and cleaning at intervals. Since the cooling tower is often exposed outdoors, the fan has a strong adsorption force, so this result will result in a lot of silt and debris. Being involved in the interior of a cooling tower will inevitably lead to a decrease in its heat dissipation capacity.

The main phenomenon of its ability to decline is that water outlet holes are very likely to cause plugging, and part of the sludge and sediment are also very easy to enter the cooling water treatment system. This result will lead to the normal cooling effect of cooling water. Therefore, in order to effectively prevent the occurrence of various phenomena, professional personnel should regularly maintain and clean the equipment.

Please note when you are cleaning

1. Use cleaning tools and high-pressure water guns to perform cleaning on a piece-by-piece basis.

2. The water in the cooling tower should be drained before starting the cleaning. The advantage of this is that a uniform water supply can be achieved. When the water hole is blocked, it can be dredged with tools.

3. Use appropriate tools to clean up the internal sediment and dirt and then concentrate them in one place. After all the cleanups have been completed, concentrate the treatment.

3. The cleaning standard is at least 90% of the decontamination rate, and it should be comprehensive and thorough when it is cleaned. Reduce hidden dangers.

4. Use a high pressure water gun to flush the interior and exterior of the cooling tower.

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