Cooling tower classification

Date:Jun 05, 2020

Divided according to the ventilation method: 

① natural ventilation cooling tower; 

② mechanical ventilation cooling tower; 

③ mixed ventilation cooling tower [3]

According to the contact mode of water and air: 

①wet cooling tower; ②dry cooling tower; ③dry and wet cooling tower.

According to the flow direction of hot water and air: 

①counter-flow cooling tower; ②cross-flow (direct AC) cooling tower; ③mixed-flow cooling tower

According to application areas: 

①industrial cooling tower; ②air conditioning cooling tower.

According to the noise level: 

① ordinary cooling tower; ② low noise cooling tower; ③ ultra-low noise cooling tower; ④ ultra-quiet cooling tower.

Divided by shape: 

① round cooling tower: ② square cooling tower.

According to whether water and air are in direct contact: 

①Open cooling tower: ②Closed cooling tower (also called closed cooling tower, closed cooling tower).

Other types of cooling towers, such as jet cooling towers, fanless cooling towers, etc.

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