Cooling tower application

Date:Jun 05, 2020

Cooling towers are mainly used in air conditioning cooling systems, freezing series, injection molding, leather making, foaming, power generation, steam turbines, aluminum profile processing, air compressors, industrial water cooling, etc. The most widely used are air conditioning cooling, freezing, plastic chemical industry . The specific division is as follows:

A. Air temperature adjustment category: air conditioning equipment, cold storage, cold storage room, freezing, heating and cooling air conditioning, etc.;

B. Manufacturing and processing: food industry, pharmaceutical industry, metal casting, plastic industry, rubber industry, textile industry, steel plant, chemical industry, petrochemical products, etc.;

C. Mechanical operation cooling type: generator, steam turbine, air compressor, hydraulic machine, engine, etc.;

D. Other industries

The role of the cooling tower is to exchange the cooling water carrying waste heat with the air inside the tower body, so that the waste heat is transferred to the air and dispersed into the atmosphere.

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