Cooling tower after scaling solutions which

Date:Aug 04, 2016

After long-term use, cooling towers around the bottom of the soft gray-white scaling, and gray scaling accumulate from spreading around the filler, extend from the bottom towards the top, thickness increased, some even jam packed between the pop channel. So here we say, cooling tower after scaling solutions, what does?

1. ensure the Tower on the block after assembling the Tower outlet diameter of the error should be as small as possible.

2. Basic installation splits and ensure in the same waters, and under and the inlet pipe perpendicular to the axis of the Foundation surface. Under the inlet pipe and Foundation under columns and good contact based embedded steel plates.

3. selection of circulating pump, pay attention to the flow of cooling water consumption in line with, and use should be kept within ± 5% of cooling tower in the design to prevent excessive water, cooling effect.

4. inlet pipe direction according to the situation, by changing the direction of the screw holes on the flange to adjust.

5. the fan should be installed into the updraft, wind turbine-vane and column gap should be even less than 100mm,4 blades should be adjusted in the same perspective, and to ensure that the impeller rotation plane perpendicular to the center line.

6. take care that the gasket round surface and Tower rib root of curved surface fitting, assembling lower shell should ensure water tightness.

7. power supply security after the power cord plugged in, the electrical connection box sealing measures should be taken to prevent moisture entering and burn out the motor.

8. requirement fillers the installation surface is smooth, evenly spaced.

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