[China Refrigeration Network] It is now the middle of May. Most parts of the country have entered the scorching summer. Industrial water chillers in many factories have ushered in the peak period of refrigeration. Refrigeration equipment is running frequently and there are likely to be minor failures of this kind or that.  Today, the editor will introduce some simple and practical knowledge about the operation and maintenance of water chillers, hoping to help everyone solve the problem in time without delaying production and saving unnecessary maintenance costs of refrigeration equipment.

1. When the high pressure and low pressure of the water chiller are higher than the normal pressure, one kind of situation is poor heat dissipation, especially when the ambient temperature is relatively high, which often leads to worse heat dissipation. The failure causes are generally blockage of heat sink, smudginess, insufficient rotation speed of heat dissipation fan, etc. Try cleaning the heat sink of condenser.  This is an important reason for high-pressure alarm of water chillers in summer. Many customers put a lot of sundries in the water chiller room when the weather is not hot, which seriously affects the heat dissipation of the machine. At that time, nothing may happen, but when the weather is hot, it is very easy to cause high-pressure alarm of the unit and affect the normal operation of the unit.

2. The energy efficiency ratio of water-cooled chillers becomes worse and the refrigerating capacity decreases.  One kind of situation is that the cooling water system is dirty and blocked. At this time, the problem can be solved only by cleaning the cooling water tower and replacing the cooling water.

3. When the water chiller works, the pressure gauge shakes, indicating that there is moisture in the system.  At this time, the vacuum needs to be vacuumized again for not less than a quarter of an hour. If necessary, it is better to change the drying filter to completely remove water from the refrigeration system.  However, vacuumizing to replace the drying filter is quite a professional maintenance skill and must be operated by relevant professionals.

In fact, in order to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the water chiller, it is best to cooperate with professional refrigeration equipment companies and let them do regular professional maintenance, so as to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the water chiller.


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