Cleaning and maintenance of water chillers should not be careless in autumn and winter.

Date:Dec 24, 2019

[China Refrigeration Network] How can we ensure the normal operation of our chillers in cold winter?  Now I will explain to you the matters needing attention and maintenance methods when using water chillers under severe ambient temperature in winter.

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First, Cleaning Steps of Chillers.

1.Shut down the water source of the water chiller and clean up the water inside the unit components and pipelines to prevent the residual water after shutdown from rusting the unit components or frost heaving copper pipes with too low temperature;  At the same time, the drain nut under the water pump should be unscrewed to drain the residual water in the water pump, so as to prevent the water system from freezing due to too low ambient temperature, refrigerant leakage or damage to the impeller of the water pump due to expansion and crack of the evaporator, etc.


2.Turn off the power supply and check whether each component is worn (if yes, it needs to be replaced);

3.Clean the fan of the air-cooled water chiller and keep it clean.

4.water tank coil evaporator water tank, check whether there is scale and other debris and give clear;


5.through the data record to understand the use of lubricating oil, according to the use standard to regularly change lubricating oil to maintain a good lubrication condition;

6.The ice water pipe of the water chiller must be insulated, because the pipe insulation can not only prevent the serious loss of cold energy, but also prevent dew formation on the outer wall of the pipe.  For example, the temperature of ice water is 10 degrees, the ambient temperature is 30 degrees, the heat radiation of a 25-meter-long metal pipe with a surface area of 25 square meters can reach 750kcal/h, which is about 10% of the refrigerating capacity generated by three compressors and about 6% of the refrigerating capacity generated by five compressors;

7.air cooled chiller is one of the water chillers. Normal temperature water is cooled to a certain temperature by the compressor of the water chiller to strengthen the cooling of the mold or machine. It is used as a single machine. The heat dissipation device is a built-in fan and mainly has three interconnected systems: refrigerant circulation system, water circulation system and electric appliance automatic control system.

Second, the surface cleaning of water chillers is also very important.

After shutdown, the surface of the unit can be cleaned with cleaning tools, and when it is dry, the unit can be covered with cloth or overalls to prevent dust and other impurities from adhering to the unit and ensure that it will be a clean water chiller when it is used next year.  By doing the above work when the unit is shut down, the problem of the water chiller can be found and eliminated in time, thus ensuring the stable performance of the unit and facilitating safe and rapid operation in the coming year.  Another benefit is that the service life of the unit will be longer.

Please note that!!!The human body needs maintenance and regular physical examination, and the same is true for machinery and equipment. Only cherish and do a good job of maintenance can we better ensure its performance and use time, and water chillers are no exception!

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