Chiller maintenance method

Date:May 18, 2018

Chiller maintenance method

First of all, the first point is to keep the surface of the filter clean, air circulation around the filter, 

and regularly clean the filter. 

Generally, the filter is purged once every three weeks with compressed air. 

Reduce the "pump sweat" phenomenon. 

Before stopping the plastic machine, first turn off the cold sluice engine of the auxiliary mold, or 

remove the cold water mechanism, so that the water temperature in the cavity increases, and the 

mold will not generate rust. If the chiller has been used 

for more than six months, or if the high and low pressure engine malfunctions frequently, or if the 

cooling capacity is reduced, arrange technical personnel to clean the radiator (if the chiller has a 

pressure gauge installed, if the pressure of the chiller is higher than 300 PSI, if it exceeds, 

The radiator surface should be cleaned and kept clean to improve the radiator effect.

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