characteristics for Rotary plastic mixer/ Drum mixing machine for plastic

Date:Dec 26, 2019

Rotary plastic mixer Performance characteristics:
1.Suitable for all kinds of plastic dyeing and mixing;
2.The machine is easy to operate,small size, space-saving, easy cleaning, easy to move;
3.Barrel made of stainless steel, solid welding, bright surface, easy to clean;
4.All-round 360 degree rotation mixing, feeding, discharging arbitrary positioning, easy to operate
5.The timer can be 0 ~ 30 minutes to choose mixing time.

Rotary Plastic Mixer Usage and care instructions:
Check the power supply whether it is normal
before use, try to start to check the operating direction is correct.Adjust the doser,
put raw materials, close the cover clasping handle, you can mix for about 3 to 5
Lock the machine before discharging and cleaning.
After work, close the discharge
port cover, turn off the power, keep the machine room clean.
According to the application
procedure, the bearing should be filled with 20 # oil once a month.
Every week on the belt check is loose, wear check it again and tighten.


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