Causes of Water Leakage in Industrial Chillers and Solutions

Date:Mar 10, 2020

In the process of using industrial water chillers, we will inevitably encounter water leakage from industrial water chillers.  Although this problem is not particularly big, it will also affect the operation of our daily work. Therefore, we must find out the reasons and solve the problem according to the situation.  Then do you know what causes the industrial water chillers to leak?  What is the solution?  Let's take a look at it together with the minor editors of the cool ling era.

The causes of water leakage in industrial chillers are as follows:

1. Water leakage occurs when the water inlet and outlet are loose or cracked.

2. The water injection port is loose, causing water leakage when adding water.

3. The water injection barrel inside the industrial water chiller is cracked and leaks.

4. The drain outlet of the industrial water chiller is cracked and leaks.

5, internal water pipe burst, resulting in water leakage.

6, industrial water chiller internal condenser perforation leakage.

7. The drain nozzle cap in the interface is cracked or loosened, resulting in water leakage.

8. Water leakage occurs due to fluctuation of cooling water during operation due to too full water filling in the water tank.

9, external connection pipe rupture or uneven nozzle or size is not suitable for water leakage.

Solutions to Water Leakage in Industrial Chillers;

1. If it is found that the leakage of industrial water chillers is caused by the rupture or loosening of the drain cap in the interface, the user can replace it by himself.

2. The industrial water chiller leaks because the water injection is too full. The outlet of the industrial water chiller can be opened to adjust the water level to the lowest level line of the water level gauge.

3. If the nozzle of the external connection water pipe of the industrial water chiller is uneven or the water pipe is cracked or the size is not suitable for water leakage, repair the nozzle of the water pipe or replace the water pipe with the appropriate size.

The above contents are the causes of water leakage in industrial chillers and the solutions.  However, due to the different models of water chillers produced by each water chiller manufacturer, the treatment methods are also different. It is recommended that you find out the causes of water leakage by referring to the above aspects, and you can also directly contact the after-sales department of the machine manufacturer for consultation and understanding to solve the problem!


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