Causes and Countermeasures of High Pressure Alarm of Water-cooled Industrial Chiller

Date:Jun 29, 2018

Causes and Countermeasures of High Pressure Alarm of Water-cooled Industrial Chiller

When the water-cooled industrial chiller has a high-pressure alarm, the operator should not be too nervous. Every chiller in NASER is equipped with a high-pressure alarm system, which will automatically start the power-off system and automatically turn off the power after 5 minutes of alarm. 

 At this time, the chiller operator should check whether the circulating water pump is turned on, whether the water in the automatic water supply tank reaches the specified water level, whether the circulating cooling water system is normal, and whether the expansion valve/filter of the unit is blocked or not, and whether the chiller leaks. If none of the above problems are detected, please contact the after-sales service personnel of the chiller manufacturer. In addition, the water-cooled industrial chiller high-pressure alarm may also be the following possibilities: 

 1. The water pressure of the inlet pipe of the chiller is too low, causing the water flow to be too small, causing the compressor temperature to rise too fast;  2. Checking the state of the refrigerant. Pressure gauge, if there is insufficient refrigerant, an alarm will occur. At this point, you should first check if there are any leaks. If necessary, repair it and add enough refrigerant. 3. Check if there is any impurity in the inlet water source. If the cooling tower has dirty plugging, it will affect the operation effect. The inlet of the chiller Whether it is blocked by impurities; 4. Check whether the copper tube of the condenser has more fouling, poor heat dissipation, and smaller diameter. It is necessary to clean the condenser copper tube regularly;  5. If the drying filter is clogged, it must be replaced with new ones. The filter, and timely treatment of water source impurities;In fact, water-cooled industrial chiller phenomenon of high-pressure alarm, mainly thermal water problems here, especially cooling towers, must be regularly cleaned and maintained, if the water quality is poor, It is best to do the water treatment first. And whether it is a water-cooled chiller, an air-cooled chiller or a screw-type chiller, it is all-weather work.                                             Therefore, when working for 6 months, it is necessary to carry out maintenance work on the whole system, no more than one at the latest. year.

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