Cause and Elimination of Industrial Chiller Failure

Date:Jun 02, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] I. Causes and Remedies for Faults with High Condensation Pressure (Higher than Specified Value):

① Non-condensable gas in the system: non-condensable gas is released.

(2) Insufficient cooling water volume and too high water temperature of the water chiller: check whether the water valve is open and whether the water filter is blocked, and try to reduce the water temperature.

(3) Contaminants in the condenser affect the heat transfer area: clean the condenser.

(4) Excess liquid in condenser: release excess refrigerant.

Second, the compressor suction pressure is too low fault causes and remedies:

① Blockage of liquid throttle valve or suction filter screen: disassemble, inspect and clean.

② Insufficient refrigerant in the system: supplement refrigerant.

③ Insufficient refrigerant in evaporator: open the throttle valve.

(4) There is too much oil in the system: find out the oil collecting part in the system and release the oil.

3. Causes and remedies for the failure of the chiller compressor to stop soon after starting:

① Low oil pressure: use the oil pressure regulating valve to increase the oil pressure. If the oil pressure cannot be increased, check and repair it according to serial number 6.

② The setting value of oil pressure difference relay is too high: readjust.

Four. The compressor exhaust temperature relative pressure drop temperature high fault reason and remedial measures:

① The temperature of the inhaled gas is too high: check and adjust according to No.5.10.

② Rupture of exhaust valve plate: open cylinder head to check valve plate.

③ Leakage of safety valve: check adjustment and repair of safety valve.

④ Leakage of piston ring: check, repair or replace.

⑤ Gasket under cylinder liner cracked and leaked: check and replace.

Five. The compressor can't start fault causes and remedies:

① Air line fault: check and repair.

(2) the differential relay is disconnected, and the high-voltage breaker is disconnected: press the reset button of the differential relay and wait for the pressure change to occur.

The contact is closed or the opening pressure is readjusted.

VI. Elimination Methods for Insufficient Refrigeration Capacity:

① Incorrect position of slide valve or other faults: check indicator and adjust position to overhaul slide valve.

(2) The suction filter is blocked, and the suction pressure loss is too large, which reduces the suction pressure and volumetric efficiency: remove the filter screen of the suction filter and clean it.

(3) Abnormal abrasion of the machine causes excessive clearance: adjust or replace parts.

(4) the suction pressure is lower than the evaporation pressure check valve (such as suction stop valve or check valve, etc.)

⑤ Leakage between high and low pressure systems;  Check the bypass pipes used for starting and stopping.

⑥ Insufficient injection quantity, unable to realize sealing function: check whether the safety valve is sealed, check the oil circuit, oil pump and oil filter to increase the oil quantity.

⑦ The exhaust pressure of the machine is much higher than the condensation pressure, and the volumetric efficiency decreases: check the exhaust system pipelines and valves to remove the resistance of the exhaust system.  If the system infiltrates air, it should be excluded.

Seven. The compressor suction temperature is higher than the evaporation temperature (higher than the specified value) fault causes and remedies:

① Insufficient refrigerant in the system: supplement refrigerant.

② Insufficient refrigerant in evaporator: open the throttle valve.

(3) Water content exceeds regulations: check water content.

④ Poor insulation of low-pressure pipeline of refrigeration system: check and repair.

Eight. The compressor unloading device mechanism failure causes and remedial measures:

① Insufficient oil pressure: the adjusted oil pressure is 0.15-0.2Mpa higher than the suction pressure.

② Tubing blockage: disassemble and clean.

③ Dirt stuck in the oil cylinder: disassemble and clean.

Nine. The elimination method of abnormal noise in the operation of the machine:

① There are sundries in the rotor slot: overhaul the rotor and suction filter.

② Thrust bearing damage: replace.

③ Friction between rotor and casing caused by bearing wear: replace main bearing.

④ Slide valve deflection: overhaul slide valve guide block and guide column.

⑤ Loose joints of moving parts: disassemble the machine for overhaul and strengthen the anti-loosening measures.

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