Application, Function, Alias of Chiller

Date:Jul 04, 2018

Application, Function, Alias of Chiller

In various industries, there are many equipment (such as injection molding machines, extruders, CNC wire cutting machines, engraving machines, laser machines, printing machines, etc.) that will cause high temperature to affect the performance and appearance of the product during the work process.

The chiller is used to reduce the temperature, ensure the product yield and improve the production efficiency of the entire plant. The chillers used are also different depending on the temperature required. Mainly including standard air-cooled chiller / water-cooled chiller / screw chiller, temperature range can be controlled between 3 ~ 35 ° C, users can adjust the required temperature control range; and low-temperature water-cooled chiller / screw-type cold water The machine can control the temperature between 0~-45°C. These industrial chillers can be widely used in CNC wire cutting machine tools, high speed electric spindles, engraving machines, laser cutting machines, marking machines, drilling machines, optical equipment, laboratory equipment, garment equipment, molding machines, mold cooling, injection molding machines, Extruder, blister machine, ink printing machine, electroplating equipment, chemical equipment and other mechanical equipment are used together.

The main functions and features are as follows: 1. Precisely control the temperature of the cooling water in the machining process, improve the machining accuracy and extend the service life of the machine; 2. The processing equipment that generates high heat can help its heat dissipation quickly, so that it can fully utilize the mechanical equipment. 3. The controller adopts a new generation of microcomputer control chip, dual LED display, dual display of working temperature and set temperature; 4. It is equipped with fault self-checking function, which is convenient for maintenance and provides passive contact alarm output terminal. It is convenient to connect with the machine tool control system to form a closed-loop control system. 5. All the main components of the chiller refrigeration system adopt international famous brand products to ensure the equipment has excellent quality and long-lasting reliability. According to the region and industry, each customer The name of the chiller is different. For example, the chiller, the chiller, the freezer, or the chiller that can provide low-temperature chilled water, are often referred to as new ones. Come to consult and buy, some chillers are available from stock...

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