Analysis of causes of contamination of the cooling tower

Date:Aug 04, 2016

Common scale, corrosion of cooling tower material sedimentation, pollution problems such as rust, Legion fungus, bacteria and algae, however, cleaning and maintenance of cooling towers is often a topic of discussion. Why is pollution problems of cooling tower? Small series of analysis of contaminated cooling tower below reasons:

In everyday use, the cooling tower is exposed to the air, has a lot of suspended matter in the air, dust, trash will continue to accumulate in the cooling tower, cooling tower appear dirt sediment. Also breeds a large bio-algae and mud in the cooling water system, causing jams.

In the winter time, cooling towers seldom need to use. And accumulated large quantities of water in the cooling towers, water in the cooling towers will be causing some corrosion inside of the cooling tower, over time, on the accumulation of corrosive substances, resulting in very severe local corrosion.

Cooling tower circulation water containing inorganic salts, organic substances and micro-organisms, water temperatures can reach 35 degrees Celsius in certain seasons or more, if there is insufficient cooling water long-term use does not replace or supplement, as well as cleaning and sterilization or disinfection is not complete, not for a long time, it breeds a lot of bacteria, including typical bacteria are "Legionella" bacteria cause infectious diseases. Cooling towers cooling water to multiply and form a microorganism aerosol, directly in the air flowing around the cooling tower, around 800 m will be affected. So, the cooling towers of the city is a major source of urban pollution.

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