air cooled chiller or water cooled chiller ?

Date:Jun 04, 2018

air cooled chiller or water cooled chiller ?

industrial chiller have two kinds. one is air chiller .the other is water chiller.

when you buy a chiller ,the first step ,you must know air chiller or water chiller you need?

Now ,we will say different with them:

Air cooled is the most commonly used chiller system because it is a self-contained system. No additional outside components are needed. These systems are less efficient than water cooled chillers but since they are self-contained, they are much more appealing. An air cooled chiller is relatively easy to install and start-up.

Water cooled chillers require an external cooling tower and cooling tower supply pump to cool the water cooled condenser. If you already have an existing cooling tower at your plant with excess capacity available, then this is your best option to consider.

In one sentence: air cooled chiller can use single.

                           water cooled chiller must use with cooling tower.

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