Air-cooled chiller introduction

Date:Jul 23, 2018

Air-cooled chiller introduction

The air-cooled chiller is also a member of industrial refrigeration equipment. The name of the air-cooled chiller is because its heat-dissipating components use a finned condenser, which comes with a motor and a fan to convert the refrigerant into a gas-liquid conversion process. The heat generated is named after the fan is emitted into the air. The unit has certain requirements for the use environment, and the ventilation must be smooth, and the external temperature must not exceed 40 °C.

Compared with the water-cooled chiller, the air-cooled chiller is simpler to install and more convenient to move. The unit has its own pump. After the equipment arrives at the site, it only needs to be connected to the pipeline and power supply. Air-cooled chiller features: 1. Imported high quality compressor and Italian water pump, safe and quiet, energy saving and durable 2. Configure Italian thermostat to accurately control water temperature from +3 to +35 degrees Celsius 3. The condenser and radiator are unique in design and have good heat transfer effect. 4. With current overload protection, high and low voltage system and electronic time safety device, when there is a fault, an alarm occurs at any time and anywhere and the cause of the failure is displayed. 5. With stainless steel insulated water tank, easy to clean 6. With reverse under-protection and anti-icing protection 7. The cooling air is sucked from the side of the fuselage, and the top discharge effect is the best. It is free of the cooling tower, easy to install and easy to maintain.

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