air cooled chiller how it works

Date:May 22, 2018

air cooled chiller how it works

1. The compressor of the unit selects the vortex type hermetic compressor and the electric control element, and is equipped with a condenser and an evaporator made of a heat-exchange efficient high-quality copper tube; 2, equipped with various types of safety protection devices, stable performance, low noise, long life, simple operation; using the LCD display man-machine interface, simple and convenient operation, running status at a glance; 3, the model has a single compressor or multi-compressor combination refrigeration system. The compressor can be automatically operated alternately according to changes in the load, balancing the operating hours of each compressor, so as to save energy consumption and extend the service life of the chiller. Easy to adjust energy, more energy-saving at partial load; 4, the whole shell enclosure structure, beautiful appearance, compact structure, can check the unit at any time running conditions; units can be based on cold water tank and circulating water pump, without cooling towers and cooling water pumps, installation and maintenance simple and convenient;

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