Add refrigerant, look for manufacturer or ordinary maintenance team?

Date:Mar 17, 2020

[China Refrigeration Network] Central air conditioning has now entered thousands of households. Many people choose central air conditioning because of its high height, beautiful appearance and space saving, but they often neglect the precautions for its later use.

We know that after years of development and improvement, the technical level of central air conditioning has gradually improved, and quality problems have been relatively rare. As long as we choose reliable brands, there will generally be no major quality problems.  However, at the same time, the installation process is complicated, the accessory materials of parts are various, and the professional level of installation masters is uneven, which leads to various minor faults or incidents in later use.  Among them, the problem of abnormal refrigeration caused by insufficient refrigerant is more common.

Obviously, the shortage of refrigerant should be made up.  So who should consumers find to replenish the refrigerant?

Perhaps some consumers scoff at this and ask who can supplement it instead of adding it. Anyway, if the central air conditioner with refrigerant can operate normally, then it is ok.

The price data given here may surprise you a little first.  The price difference between looking for a manufacturer and looking for an ordinary maintenance team is quite large. For the same shortage of refrigerant, looking for a manufacturer to add refrigerant at a price of 7800 yuan, while looking for an ordinary maintenance team may only need 200 to 300 yuan.

What is the difference in this?  This is mainly reflected in two aspects.

The difference of refrigerant itself.

Factory refrigerants are factory refrigerants or refrigerants with uniform brand requirements, the cost of which may be much higher than that of ordinary maintenance teams, while the efficiency of factory refrigerants is high, while the use efficiency of central air conditioners is reduced due to non-factory refrigerants used by ordinary maintenance teams.

Difference in refrigerant addition process.

The manufacturer's maintenance team is more standardized in adding refrigerant. According to the standard process, the vacuum pump is pumped to negative pressure, and the pipeline is kept for 4 hours to confirm that there is no water vapor. Connect the central air conditioner with the computer to check the parameters, and add the original refrigerant to the marked value.  This ensures maximum system efficiency.  On this point, ordinary maintenance teams often cannot strictly implement it.

For the central air conditioner, as long as there is no leakage point in the machine, unless the refrigerant is reduced due to moving the machine or damaging the pipeline, the refrigerant need not be added for ten years, i.e. the frequency of adding refrigerant is very low. Compared with the price difference between the manufacturer and the ordinary maintenance team and the difference formed by different use efficiency, the consumer can make a rough judgment.  Of course, different brands have different policies. Many brands can provide consumers with the service of adding refrigerant free of charge during the warranty period. Consumers can contact manufacturers for consultation before making judgment.

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