About the choice of Industrial Chiller

Date:Jan 08, 2020

About the choice of Industrial Chiller 

industrial chiller


1. The standard chiller temperature difference is 5 degrees (20 degrees to 15 degrees). If there is an NWS-10AC chiller, the standard cold water flow rate per hour is 3.5 cubic meters.

2. Then when trying this chiller, you can't just look at the flow of the chiller, but also the temperature you need. If the temperature you tried is reduced from 28 degrees to 7 degrees, if you try the chiller, If the temperature difference is large, then the hourly chilled water flow will be reduced, from 3.5 cubic meters to more than one cubic meter. Then if you want 3.5 cubic meters per hour, you need to choose a larger model.

3. When choosing a chiller, you should also pay attention to direct cooling or indirect cooling. Direct cooling is to directly connect the water to the chiller, and the frozen dumplings are directly cooled into the desired product, so the cooling effect will be better. If it is indirect cooling, such as putting water in a basin, placing a small basin on the basin, and placing the product to be cooled in the small basin, the effect will be significantly worse.

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