About Industrial Air cooled Chiller

Date:Jan 07, 2020

About Industrial Air cooled Chiller

industrial air cooled chiller

   The air-cooled industrial chiller can also be used as a body type. The condenser is directly placed outdoors (called an outdoor unit), and the evaporator and compressor are placed indoors (called an indoor unit). However, considering the heat absorption of the refrigerant during the transfer between the condenser and the evaporator, the distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit should be controlled within 6 meters. In addition, the copper pipes that transport the refrigerant need to be insulated. The fan's power supply cable and control cable can be wired together with the copper pipe, so that the air-conditioning room only needs to pass through the pipe.

   For industrial applications where small-flow and small-heat-dissipation air-cooled chiller is used, the integral type is generally used directly, and the heat dissipation problem can be ignored. For air-cooled chiller with large flow and large heat dissipation, split type can be used.

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