Workshop Used Cooling Tower

Workshop Used Cooling Tower

Type:square cooling tower water flow:300m3/h Nosie:57.8db

workshop used cooling tower

Product advantages:
1.CE /CTI certification
2. Guangdong China manufacturer
3.inlet/outlet temperature difference:10 degree Celsius

Spare parts of cooling tower features:
1.Fan: Use special fan with variable section, twist and pitching blade. The fan Works at an equal speed, a low self moving pressure, an energy-saving use and a low noise. Fixing angle of blade is changeable to meet the work demands and improve the efficiency.
2. Fill: With round counterflow model fill, be able to be extended the time and space of heat exchange.
3.Motor: Choose special electric motor with whole sealed cooling tower, we use 380V/3φ /50Hz mostly.
4.Cross flow or counter flow type of cooling tower.



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