Square Open Cooling Tower

Used for cooling in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, metal casting and other industries.

Product features:

1. Space saving and light structure

The use of high-efficiency heat exchange packing specially designed for this series of cooling towers greatly increases the heat exchange area and greatly reduces the footprint. Due to the optimization of the structural design and the use of steel structure, the operating weight is also greatly reduced.

2. Save electricity

The use of fillers with low ventilation resistance and a high-efficiency wing-type glass fiber reinforced plastic fan designed for cooling towers reduces the power of the motor. The ultra-low noise type uses a smaller motor power and saves electricity.

3. Very low operating noise

The low-noise axial flow fan of the wing made of FRP material specially designed for the cooling tower and the low-noise motor specially designed for the cooling tower are adopted to reduce the running noise of the cooling tower.

4. Good corrosion resistance

The tower body, water tank and panel are all made of FRP material with good corrosion resistance, and light stabilizer is added to the gel coat resin, which has good anti-aging performance and does not change color for a long time.

5. Convenient combination

The combination method can be used to meet the requirements of different working conditions, and the user can also decide the combination according to the site situation, and adjust the appearance of the cooling tower according to the user's building characteristics. For example, the user space is very limited. Our company can also design according to the special requirements of users.

6. Convenient maintenance

This series of cooling towers are of modular design, and the air chambers of adjacent cooling towers are separated from each other. Under the premise of normal operation of the cooling tower, maintenance and repair can be carried out, and the work of cleaning the packing, the water pipe and the water tank is more convenient. 

Product parameter:


Five reasons to choose us

★Focus on industrial refrigeration for 20 years

Design the most professional and most suitable refrigeration scheme for you free of charge. The standardization and serial production of chillers shorten the delivery time.


Starting from the needs of customers, such as process, temperature, voltage, size, etc. to produce products that satisfy customers, strictly monitor each link, and each product  undergo various performance tests before leaving the factory.

★Excellent technology

Have a professional technical research and development and production team.

★Selected accessories, only excellent products

We promise that all accessories are new and original high-end products; reject the use of second-hand and repaired parts.

★Professional after-sales service

Free technical service, free installation guidance, one year warranty lifetime service. 


1.Are you a manufacturer, trading company or a third party?

We are a manufacturer, and we have built up our company since 2006.


2.As the shipping period takes long time, how can you make sure the machine won’t be broken?

Our machine is stably packed, to make sure the machine can be delivered to our customers smoothly, we will use export standard wooden cases.


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