Industrial Cooling Tower 10 T

Industrial Cooling Tower 10 T

Industrial cooling tower 1.Suspension structure :stainless steel structure,pained with epoxy-(coal)tar or Chlorosulfonated polyethylene after plated with zinc. 2.Enclosure structure:polyester glass steel,with light weight,high strength corrosion resistant,anti aging,long service life. 3.Air duct:Kinetic energy recovery type ,reasonable air distribution with high efficiency. 4.Fan: air foil epoxy-(coal)tar blade,features big air flow,high efficiency,low noise and corrosion resistance.

Industrial Cooling Tower 10 T

industrial cooling tower

Item:Cooling tower  NCT-10ST

Water quality equirement:PH=6-8

Fan Style:Axiel flow 

Cooling capacity:50000 Kcal/h


Detail of cooling Tower

TOWER filler

PVC filler

cooling tower shell

FRP Shell

photobank (24).jpg


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