Cooling Tower For Water Chiller 80ton Water Tower

Cooling tower is designed to economic and save water,it is the huge advance in industry.We take Fibre-reinforced plastic as the materials of cooling is light,low noise and high quality.It is widely used in plastic,electronics,food,textile,chemicals,packing industrialand so on.

Product Description

Cooling Tower is mainly used for cooling in air conditioning systems,frozen series, injection molding, leather, foam, power generation, steam tubine, aluminum processing, air compressors, industrial cooling water and other fields. 

"NASER" Cooling Tower is eco-friendly in design and advanced in technology .
It has revamped the parts inside the Cooling tower, with high performance. And the product is widely used in different situations.

Good material and reasonable design of the tower body ensure the long service life and cooling effect.

Tower body:Made of FRP composite material, imported surface gel coat  materials containing anti-ultraviolet stabilizer in color, with the merits of smooth surface , anti-aging, difficult to fade.


Water Distribution system:

 With the rotating tube type water distribution , water distribution device is made of ABS or copper alloy, with long-standing service and uniform water distribution


Working condition of Cooling tower :


Water inlet temperature:37 degree celsius 

Water oulet temperature:32 degree celsius 

Wet bulb temperature:28  degree celsius 

Dry bulb tem peranure:31.8 degree celsius

Atmospheric pressure:9.94×10000Pa 

We have more than 20years experience in manufacturing cooling tower,so we are able to design cooling tower upon every per customers requirements.

Working principle:  

1,Working fluid (water, oil o other liquid) flowing inside of the coils, which is entrapped by spray water on the outside. The heat of water is transferred by coil and become the saturated vapor when meet the water and air.
2, the heat is exhausted out of the tower by the tower by the top fan; water is collected back to the bottom tank and circulates continuously. The spray water is cooled down via PVC radiation fin in the process of circulation, and flow is the same direction with the fresh wind. The coil mainly takes sensible heat travel style.
3, the most benefit of this style is can avoid scale formation on the outside of the coil. And this will apply especially to dealing with high temperature fluid (e.g. 60°C) or the fluid need big temperature difference (e.g. 60°C to 32°C).

ModelFlowCooling Capacity



Running WeightMotor    SpeedMotor    PowerInlet/Outlet pipe
NCT-10ST10m³/h50,000   kcal/h120kg460kg750r/min
0.18kw50/50 mm
NCT-15ST15m³/h75,000   kcal/h150kg700kg750r/min0.37kw50/50 mm
NCT-20ST20m³/h100,000 kcal/h180kg860kg750r/min0.55kw80/80 mm
NCT-25ST25m³/h125,000 kcal/h210kg940kg750r/min0.55kw80/80 mm
NCT-30ST30m³/h150,000 kcal/h240kg1450kg750r/min1.1kw80/80 mm
NCT-40ST40m³/h200,000 kcal/h310kg1450kg750r/min1.1kw80/80 mm
NCT-50ST50m³/h250,000 kcal/h350kg1970kg500r/min1.1kw100/100   mm
NCT-60ST60m³/h300,000 kcal/h660kg2310kg500r/min1.1kw100/100   mm
NCT-80ST80m³/h400,000 kcal/h690kg2390kg500r/min1.1kw100/100   mm


  1. Payment Terms:

     T/T - 30% deposit before production,70% balance before delivery, or other terms

  2. Delivery Detail:

      About 10 workdays after payments.

  3.Pacage Terms:

     International Standard Wooden Case for Export

Please kindly offer the following information:

           1: What's your cooling water flow rate (m³/h)? 

           2: Required inlet and outlet water temperature? 

           3: Inlet and Outlet pipe size? 

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