NASER Cooling Tower

NASER Cooling Tower

NASER Cooling Tower Description: Material :polyester glass steeel ,with light weight. Air contact way: open Noise level: low Design :features big air flow ,low noise and corrsion resistance.

NASER Cooling Tower

Cooling tower is designed to economic and save water ,it is the huge advance in industry.We take Fibreerinforced plastic as the materials of cooling tower,it is light ,low noise and high quality .It is widely used in plastic,electeonics ,food ,testile,chemicals,packing in dustrial and so on.

The standard cooling tower can afford the highest temperature is 60 Celsius degree.If the temperature is higher than 60 Celsius degree,we suggest you choose the HIgh temperture cooling tower which can afford 100 Celsius degree.

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 Material :polyester glass steeel ,with light weight.

 Air contact way: open 

 Noise level: low

 Design :features big air flow ,low noise and corrsion resistance.

 Cooling capacity ranges from 3 to 780 M³/h,relevant refrigeretion ton is from 5 to 1000.

 Body :FRP body which contain stabilization material resis.

 Fan :Use special fan with variable section,twist and pitching blade .The fan Works at an a low noise .Fixing angle of balde is changeable to meet the work demands and improve the efficiency .

 Motor:Choose special electric motor with whole seled cooling tower ,we use 380V/3Φ/50HZ mostly.

The more details :

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Sectional view

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Our factory is located in Hengli Town ,Dongguan City.

It is very near Guangzhou & Shenzhen.

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