FRP Round Cooling Tower

FRP Round Cooling Tower

PVC filler FRP material NASER brand

FRP round cooling tower

Casing, Water Basin, Water Sump
The Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (F.R.P.) cooling tower casing, water basin, and water sump have been designed for durability. F.R.P. features good structure stress, non-chap, non-crack, non-aging, firmness and long service life.
Fan Blade
Aero-dynamically designed propeller fans operated at low speed are used to save on power consumption and to ensure quiet operation. Models below MS-80 are made of special reinforced plastic fans. Model MS-100T upwards are made of aluminium alloy.
Water Distribution
A highly efficient self-rotating sprinkler head system made of reinforced plastic is used for the smaller range of towers. From MS-100T models upwards the sprinkler head is made of aluminum alloy. Spinkler pipes and stand pipes are of PVC plastic tubes featuring low water pressure, even water distribution, lower water consumption and maximum heat exchange efficiency.
The embossed filling is made of PVC sheet that is processed by surface treatment of wrinkled and corrugated pattern. The filling is glued together to extend the retention time of flowing water and enable adequate surface in contact with the ambient air to increase heat exchange efficiency. PVC filling is suitable for operation with inlet water temperature up to 50°C. Additional filling options offered include CPVC and PP material for inlet water temperatures above 50°C.
Inlet Louver
P.V.C. plastic mesh to prevent objects entering the water basin.
Accessibility for maintenance to operating fan unit etc.

Basic information:

 1.Certification: ISO, SGS,CTI

 2.Noise Level: Low
3. Air Contact Way: Open

 4. Material: FRP

 5.Cooling Method: Cross Flow

 6.Total Power Consumption: 45.83% Reduction


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