Countflow Cooling Tower

Countflow Cooling Tower

Structure Materials: Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) Fiberglass Reinforced Vinylester (VE) Pressure Treated Wood Concrete Advantages: Lower initial capital expenditure cost Smaller footprint required Smaller tower height More efficient air/water contact due to distribution system Reduced operating and maintenance costs in warmer climates

countflow cooling tower

Fibre-reinforced plastic as the materials of cooling tower. it is light, low noise and high quality. It is widely used in plastic, electronics, food, textile, chemicals, packing industrial and so on.

The standard cooling tower can afford the highest temperature is 60℃.If the temperature is higher than 60℃,we suggest you choose the High temperature cooling tower which can afford 100℃.

Square Cooling Tower.jpg

Main part:

Tower case, Filler, Motor, Sprinkler Head, Motor Support

tower case.jpg

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