Water Chiller Heat Pump 70RT 240KW Screw Water Cooling Chiller Supplier

1.Industrial chiller is a kind of machine that used to produce cooling water which is lower than normal temperature. 2.industrial chillers are widely used in many industries like plastic and rubber manufacturing, electronics productions, electroplating medical chemistry, ultrasonic cooling and printing business etc. 3.Screw type chiller adopts screw compressor, high efficiency, low noise, durable service, reliable operation

70RT 240KW Screw Water Cooling Chiller Supplier

In the refrigeration industry, it is divided into two types: air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers. According to the compressor, it is divided into screw chillers, scroll chillers, and centrifugal chillers. In terms of temperature control, it is divided into low temperature industrial chillers and normal temperature chillers. The temperature of normal temperature units is generally controlled within the range of 0 degrees to 35 degrees. Low temperature unit temperature control is generally around 0 degrees to -100 degrees.

Chillers are also known as: chillers, refrigeration units, ice chillers, cooling equipment, etc. Because of the wide range of uses in various industries, the requirements for chillers are also different. Its working principle is a multifunctional machine that removes liquid vapor through compression or heat absorption refrigeration cycles.

Screw Water Cooling Chiller Specifications


Screw Water Cooling Chiller Connecting drawing

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70HP screw water chiller

Screw Water Cooling Chiller Package Picture


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