Industrial Screw Chiller

Industrial Screw Chiller

Can provide 5 ~ 15 °C chilled water, or use ethylene glycol solution as a refrigerant, can provide -5 ~ +5 °C process frozen water solution, can be used as ice storage, low temperature air supply, central air conditioning and other production processes required The cold source of the process. At the same time, according to the user's requirements, I can carry out special design of the unit and can provide a large temperature difference of the chiller (the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water is 8-15 °C). Or above the water temperature unit (water temperature 15°C~25°C)

Industrial screw chiller

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● Compressor

Adopting international famous brand: Taiwan Hanbell,Italy RefComp screw-type refrigeration compressor, strong operating stability, energy regulation is divided into 25% -50% -75% -100% four-level adjustable, according to the needs of refrigeration capacity The compressor can automatically adjust the operating power and load, effectively reducing the energy consumption of the equipment operation

● Evaporator

Shell and tube evaporator, using internal/external thread high-efficiency heat exchange tube, no welding of the whole pipe, avoiding the leakage of heat exchange pipe welding part to bring unnecessary loss to the user

● Condenser

Efficient copper tube condenser with internal and external thread effectively improves the heat transfer and plays a good energy-saving effect

● Expansion valve

Adopt international famous brands: Danfoss, Emerson heat/electronic expansion valve, automatic adjustment high sensitivity, stable operation, adjustment range 10% -100% (automatic adjustment), making the compressor in different operating conditions, better The refrigeration capacity of the compressor is exerted, and the energy saving effect is achieved at the same time

● Control system

The main electrical components are French Schneider Electric, the control system adopts German Siemens PLC, the database can store all operational data and faults, touch screen control, high control accuracy, user-friendly design, simple operation, stable operation

● Protection devices

compressor overheat protection, overload protection, undervoltage protection, fault/phase protection, oil temperature protection, oil level protection, exhaust temperature protection, high/low pressure protection, frequent start protection, and stoppage of chilled water Protection, cooling water cut-off protection, antifreeze protection, compressor emergency stop protection, etc.



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