40HP Water Tank Screw Cooler With Single Compressor

40HP Water Tank Screw Cooler With Single Compressor

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40HP Water Tank Screw Cooler with Single Compressor

Basic Specification
Rated cooling capacity513807Btu/h=150.5KW=129430Kcal/h=42.8USRT
Power input380V/3PH/50HZ
Control panelMan-machine interface touch screen
Compressor power30 KW
Compressor typeSemi-enclosed twin-screw compressor
Compressor number40HP*1
Flow regulatorThermal expansion valve
Condenser styleHub pipe type
Water flow
31.03 m3/h
Freezing water flow25.86 m3/h
Built-in pumpDN 80
Machine size2500*1100*1400mm

  1. The refrigerating capacity is based on the temperature conditions:

  • Freezing water inlet temp. 20℃, outlet temp. 15℃

  • Cooling water inlet temp. 30℃, outlet temp. 35℃

2. Scope of work

  • Cooling water temp. range from 15℃ to 40℃

  • Freezing water temp. range from 5℃ to 25℃

3. If there is special requirements on the outlet entrance of freezing water, please inform when ordering

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