air screw chiller/ screw air cooling chiller price/ air cooeld screw chiller factory

air screw chiller/ screw air cooling chiller price/ air cooeld screw chiller factory
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air screw chiller/ screw air cooling chiller price/ air cooeld screw chiller factory 

the choice of imports of semi-closed original double-screw compressor, reciprocating compressor, compared with the traditional, high efficiency, quiet operation, simple operation and long life.

*using the world famous brand refrigeration parts, to ensure the quality and stable unit.

*evaporator,condenser threads are using the latest high efficiency and ensure a good cooling unit performance.

*independent of the cooling loop, separate maintenance and repair without affecting the machine’s use.

*the unit uses micro-computer PLC control, energy control system with the compressor section can be timely and accurate cooling capacity control mechanism and the cooling load matching, to ensure the most efficient plant operation, lowest energy consumption and achieve energy-saving and reliable operation.

*Able to monitor the setting of actual temp, and display temp, trend in hours or daily.

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Type Single Screw Compressor Air Chiller
Rated cooling capacity50HZBtu/h44723456843162749372752384086810337591150518124542714833831657497
Control panelMan-machine interface touch screen
CompressorCompressor PowerKW3037455260758290105120
Stating Method
Capacity Control%0-25-50-75-100
Flow   regulator    Thermostatic Expansion Valve
CondensorStyleHigh Effective Red Copper Pipes Covered Into Aluminum Fins
EvaporatorStyleHigh effciency external   spiral steel tube/ SS plate heat exchanger
Standard   freezing water flowM3/H22.5328.6331.6136.6442.3552.0757.9562.7374.7283.49
Diameter   of standard nippleDN80808080100100100125125125
Machine weightKG925108012001500168020002150236028003000
Running weightKG1080125014101720188021602340253029503250