NASER Screw Water Chiller

NASER Screw Water Chiller
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NASER Screw Water Chiller

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It adopted well known brand compressor Germany BITZER or Taiwan HANBELL brand semi-hermeiticscrew compressor.

Modle :NWS-100WSCS

Standard freezing water flow :58.63m³/h

Cooling water temperature range :15℃ to 40℃.

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Screw-type water-cooled chillers, cooling capacity from 150.5kW to 835.6kW, to meet the different load requirements for various occasions. The unit has a compact structure, a small footprint, and a simple piping design. It only requires an external water pipe for easy installation and maintenance. Intelligent control, the unit can automatically adjust the input of the compressor according to the load change, so that the unit can maintain the best cooperation with the highest efficiency at any time.



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