Freezing Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Freezing Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Cooling Method: Water-cooled Compressor Number: 1 or 2 Condition: New Specification: CE

freezing water cooled screw chiller


Cooling capacity:150.5kw/42.8ton

freezing cooled water:25.86m3/h

Measure size:L2500*1100*750mm


running weight:850kg

Performance values refer to the following conditions:
Condenser water inlet/outlet temperature: 30oC/35oC.
Evaporator water inlet/outlet temperature: 12oC/7oC.

freezing water cooled screw chiller features:

  1. Gas type R134a, R407c or R22

  2. Acting as multi-function unit such as cooling, heating, sanitary hot water separately or simultaneously.

  3. Shell and tube dry expansion type condenser, factory insulated with flexible close cell material.

  4. The electric panel consists of compressor breaker, compressor contactor, phase sequence relay, control circuit breaker, microprocessor control with function display.

  5. LCD display, touch screen control panel.

water cooled screw chiller must use with cooling tower .

our company also have cooling tower for water cooled screw chiller.


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