Condenser And Evaporator

Condenser And Evaporator
Product Details


1) Cabinet is steel plate with plastic spray, corrosion proof

2) Mechanically expanded pipes with Aluminum fins; External fans; better heat transfer & durable

3) Tested in 2.8MPa gas pressure, no any potential  leakage

4) Nitrogen blow away all Pollution in pipe system, ensuring longer lifetime

5) Refrigerant: R22, R134A, R404A, R407C, etc


1.material:copper,aluminum,galvanized plate

2.copper pipe: diameter 7mm,7.94mm,9.52mm,etc,inner grooved or smooth tube

3.aluminum foil: hydrophilic or bare

4.fin type: louver fin, flat fin, corrugated fin

5.pitch of fins can be adjusted between 1.8-5.8mm

6.pitch of holes and pitch of rows:25×21.65mm and 19.05×12.7mm,25.4×22mm,equilateral triangle


7.suitable for R134a,R22,R404a,R407c refrigerant and so on

8.different alternative fan available: micro fan, shaded pole or outer rotor fan motor

9.did 3.0MPA air pressure(nitrogen) test leadless