Water Cooling Chiller

Water Cooling Chiller
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water cooling chiller

chiller classification:

  1. Water tank chiller, open chiller, screw chiller, air-cooled chiller, water-cooled chiller Water-cooled/air-cooled chillers are divided into: shell-and-tube water tank type, water tank type general customers say standard, we choose the water tank type to the customer, if the customer says that our outside is a pool then we need to give him With shell type. The screw chiller is cooled by two screws to compress the cold coal, and the vortex chiller compresses the cold media through the shaft.

  2.  The air-cooled chiller is cooled by the fan. The water-cooled chiller is used to dissipate heat from the cooling tower. The water-cooled chiller can be used in a poor environment. The air-cooled chiller needs to be ventilated. Use under conditions

  3.  chiller minimum operating temperature -30 degrees, the highest practical temperature 60 degrees

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A.Compressor:hermetic scroll type/1pc(Panasonic,Japan)    

Cooling capacity:16.95KW=14577Kcal/h    

Voltage:380V/3Phase/50HZ  (It can be change)   

Compressor Power:5HP    


C.Refrigement:R22 (It can be change)     

D.Built-in pump:1hp     

E.Condenser:water tank with copper coil    

water tank capacity: 55L    

F.Evaporator:Finned copper tube+low noise outer rotor fan    

G.Cooling water flow:2.91M3/H    

I.Pipe diameter:DN25  J.Weight:185KG    


L.Control System: Microcomputer PLC