Water Cooler Chiller

Water Cooler Chiller
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water cooler chiller


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Model´╝Ü NWS-10AC

Cooling capacity: 33.9kw=29154kcal/h=9.6USRT

Voltage: 380V/3PH/50HZ

Compressor Power: 5HP*2

Flow regulator: Thermostatic expansive valve

Condenser type: High effective red copper pipes covered into aluminum fins

Evaporator type: water tank with copper coil

Water Tank: 148L

Standard freezing water flow: 5.83m3/h

Diameter of standard pipe: DN40

Built-in pump: 1hp

Weight: 380kg

Measure: 1530*780*1470mm

Apply to industry
Plastic Molding, Food Industry, Polyurethane Foam, Electroplating Industry, Beverage Packaging, Printing and Dyeing, Die Casting, Reactor, Construction Industry, Refractory Industry, Shoe Materials, Laminating Machines, Polyester Film, Printing, Chemicals, Curing Machines, Pharmaceuticals, Rolling equipment, extruders, blowing machines
Details advantages
Imported compressor: Energy saving, low failure rate, long lifeShell and tube evaporator: Pure copper wall thickness, long life, strong heat transfer effectFinned condenser: long life, stable performance, strong heat transfer effect Microcomputer controller: easy to operate, long life, microcomputer controlwater pump: solid and durable, more stable performanceFrozen fittings: Imported Danfoss frozen fittings, zero failure rate, improve the operating efficiency of the whole machine.