plastic industry water cooler chiller price

plastic industry water cooler chiller price
Product Details

plastic industry water cooler chiller price

plastic industry water cooler chiller Introduction and Advantages

Product Introduction

chiller is a kind of machine that used to produce cooling water which is lower than normal temperature. Naser brand chiller is devided into two kind: air cooled and water cooled. Water Cooled chiller should work with cooling tower to take the heat. the cooling affect of water chiller is better than air cooled chiller as same as the size of the power. As air cooled chiller have combined with fans to take the heat, so this one is more good for the dryland. plastic industry water cooler chiller is widely used in metal working, electronics industry electroplate, textile, vacuum cating, food, chemical & pharmaceutical,construction and military.


Product Advantage

  1. Voltage, refrigerant and out water temperature of chiller can design base on clients provide detail demands.

  2. factory directly sale, you can enjoy high quality competitive price and good after-sales service

3. We have cooperated with Alibaba for 9 years,and our Credit Guarantee US $90,000 so far.

plastic industry water cooler chiller Basic Specifications

Product name:Water cooled scroll chiller with low price from China with CE

Model NWS-3WC

Rated cooling capacity 43870 Btu/h

12.85 Kw

11051 Kcal/h

3.65 USRT

Compressor power 3.5 HP

Water flow 2.65 m³/h

Standard freezing water flow 2.21 m³/h

Price Negotiable

Connecting drawing for plastic industry water cooler chiller

water cooled water chiller-Connect drawing.jpg