Water Chiller Water Cooling Chiller Water Chiller Plant Cooling

Water Chiller Water Cooling Chiller Water Chiller Plant Cooling

The Air cooled or water cooled type water Chiller provide a cooling process for better industrial production. In plastic blowing machines ,injection molding industry,it improves quality of molded products and shorten period of injection molding cycles.Hence maximizes productivity of molds manufacturing.

Water Chiller Water Cooling Chiller Water Chiller Plant Cooling

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As an industrial water chiller, this water-cooled chiller has the following features:


1. Our compressor is imported from Italy,France and so on, being of  high-quality built-in safe protection, with low noise, the electricity of province is durable.

2. Cooling capacity range: 12.85kw~189kw.

3. Normal conditions: Chilled water inlet temperature is 12 degree, outlet temperature is 7 degrees. Cooling water inlet temperature is 30 degrees, outlet temperature is 35 degrees. But the lowest temperature can be -25 degress.

4. Stardard Input power: 3P-380V-50Hz, Allowable fluctuate voltage: ± 10%, allowable voltage difference in phase: ± 2%,Can also be customized according to customers’request.

5. The quantity of compressor can be one or two ,each compressor is independent refrigeration system. Each other run independently.when the one is working ,the other can be working or not.

6. Use PLC microcomputer control from Germany Siemens LCD touch screen, both English and Chinese human-machine interface.

7. Wide range of variable chilled water temperature to meet the industrial requirements throughout whole year.

8.Our standard refrigerant is R22, but you can choose to use environmental refrigerant such as R407C , R134A or R507.

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