Water Chiller For Bakery

Water Chiller For Bakery
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Water Chiller For Bakery



  1. Compact and beautiful shape structure
    The design of the whole machine is exquisite and beautiful, which can effectively save the floor space, use the top air blower, and facilitate the installation of air ducts. The appearance of electrostatic spraying, can effectively prevent direct infrared radiation

  2. Efficient, stable and low noise cooling and heating system
    The use of international brands imported scroll compressors, ultra-high performance and outstanding stability, built-in safety protection, low noise, power saving and durable.
    The use of international brand water pumps provides low vibration, low noise and long life.
    The brand wind turbine is used, stable and reliable, with low noise, the condenser adopts clean water fins, unique design, uniform wind guide, and better heat exchange effect.
    The electric control part selects the international brand Schneider, which has stable work and long life

  3.  Automatic, accurate and stable control system
    Independently developed and designed control panel, multi-functional settings, only one key operation (open key) with automatic memory function, select the international brand electrical components, to ensure the normal operation of the machinery.

  4. Precise temperature control, can guarantee the outlet temperature throughout the year in the set temperature, temperature error ± 1 °C, temperature range 5 °C -35 °C.

  5. Products can be customized according to customer requirements


It have fans to cool chiller.

It have no fans to cool chiller, it need to used with cooling tower and water pump together.