Stainless Steel Plate Exchanger Cold Water Chiller

Stainless Steel Plate Exchanger Cold Water Chiller
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stainless steel plate exchanger cold water chiller

Evaporator of scroll chiller always has tank with copper coil/shell and tube/stainless steel heat exchanger.

picture of stainless steel cold water chiller


This kind of cold water chiller can connect with outside water tank,or cooling directly with the machines.

Gas type:R134a, R407c or R22

Performance values refer to the following conditions:
Condenser water inlet/outlet temperature: 30C/35C.
Evaporator water inlet/outlet temperature: 12C/7C.

Cooling capacity from 12.85kw to 189KW/6.35ton to 53.74 ton.

the lowest temperature of cold water is zero,of course we can make below zero temperature chiller .