Stainless Steel Industrial Cooling Chiller In Low Price

Stainless Steel Industrial Cooling Chiller In Low Price

Material: stainless steel
Power input: 380V/3P/50Hz
Condensor type:Hub pipe type
Compressor type:Capillary vessel/Termoepension valv


Production Introduction of the 50HP Water Chiller:

 The water chiller is to provide a cooling process in plastic molding, to improve quality of molded products and shorten period of injection molding cycles. Hence maximizes productivity of plastic molding manufacturing.  1.Famous brand new  compressors ,high efficient shell condensers and evaporators – excellent cooling, quiet with low elections consumption. 

2.P.I.D.Microprocessor control – easy to operate, accurately maintains temperature range from 3℃ to 50℃.  3.Special open type reservoir tank with stainless steel – rays to clean and maintain. 

4.Well designed and reasonable Pipelines-ensures power supply and saves energy. 

5.Current-overload protector, high-and-low pressure switches, electronic time delayer, fault display system – Safe and durable. 

6.Liquid crystal display showing temperatures of outlet and inlet chill water-provides visualized and direct setting.  7.Single, double or quadruple compressors combination available – economical and efficient. 

8.Industrial designed – elegant and economical with friendly human – machine connections.    

Industrial Chillers are widely used in many industries like plastic and rubber manufacturing, electronic productions, electroplating ,medical chemistry, ultrasonic cooling and printing business, etc. It could accurately provide needed temperature for modern industrial manufacturing and largely improve efficiency and product quality. Xiecheng Industrial Chillers are with simple operation, reasonable design and superior quality with more than one hundred different models, which are the best choice for modern industries.  Regarding to high power industrial chiller, screw type chiller is available.  Screw type chiller adopts screw compressor with, high efficiency, low noise, durable service, reliable operation. 



 How about the quality of your product?
-- Our products manufactured strictly according to national and international standard. 
-- We have  CE ,ISO certification
-- We take a test on every product before delivery.
How about price of this product?  
-- We can give the lowest price  than market one.
-- We do quotation as soon as possible for any customer.
-- Discount can be given according to quantity.
What is the MOQ?
-- 1 set.
If you can be custom-made?
-- We can make products according to customer's requirements.
What is the voltage?
-- 380V 50hz 3 phase or any other voltage according to client's requirement.

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