Naser Water Cooled Chiller

Naser Water Cooled Chiller

Naser Water Cooled Chiller The water-cooled chiller uses a shell-tube evaporator to exchange heat between the water and the refrigerant. The refrigerant system absorbs the heat load in the water. After the water cools to produce cold water, the heat is transferred to the shell-and-tube condenser through the action of the compressor.

Naser Water Cooled Chiller

As shown in the figure, the low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas after evaporating and cooling is sucked into the compressor at the beginning, and then compressed into The high temperature and high pressure gas send condenser; the high pressure and high temperature gas is cooled by the condenser to make the gas condense into normal temperature and high pressure liquid; when the normal temperature high pressure liquid flows into the thermal expansion valve, it is throttling into low temperature and low pressure wet steam, flows into the shell tube evaporator, absorbs The heat of the chilled water in the evaporator lowers the temperature of the water; the vaporized refrigerant is sucked back into the compressor and the next refrigeration cycle is repeated, thereby achieving the purpose of cooling.

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Modle :NWS-3WC

Well know brand Japanese Panasonic

Power input :380V/3P/50HZ

Built-in pump:0.5HP

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Internal structure map



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