Industrial Water Cooling Chiller

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Industrial Water Cooling Chiller


1. Compressor: Selected world-famous Panasonic or Danfoss fully enclosed scroll compressors with over-current protection, phase loss protection, overheat protection, liquid-impact resistance, high and low voltage protection and other safety protection functions, low noise, and power saving , not easy to wear, long service life.

2. Schneider is selected for the electrical part to ensure stable operation of the machine and long life.

3. The pump selected Taiwan source original factory pumps, large flow, high efficiency, durable and durable.

4. With the imported precision digital display temperature controller, it can accurately control the water temperature at ±1°C and set the temperature range from 5°C to 35°C.

5. All stainless steel thick square tank evaporator, large capacity, good cooling effect. Built-in automatic 6. water supply device, easy to clean and maintain.

Electrostatic spray shell, European design, beautiful appearance, the appearance of the plate using a quick way to disassemble, easy to use and maintain.

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Industrial water cooling chiller standard model, please download catalogue for reference.

Chiller also can be customized.