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Extruder Chiller

Chillers also are used in extruder

About extruder chiller, it need to learn below

First of all, we must confirm whether extruder has an open tank. If so, when using a chiller, a shell-and-tube or plate change evaporator should be used instead of the tank coil evaporator. If there is no sink or sink, the tank coil evaporator should be selected.

Followed by extruder selection. When selecting a chiller, we need to calculate the chiller power based on the temperature of the water in the extruder tank, the amount of water used per hour, and the return water temperature. Due to the large amount of heat generated by the extruder in a short time, in order to ensure the cooling effect, a slightly larger value is generally selected so that the chiller can be operated at full load and the refrigeration stability can be ensured.

The last is the selection of the cooling type for the chiller. Many factories are equipped with cooling towers. In this case, water-cooled chillers are preferred. Water-cooled chillers are cooled through the water tower. The cooling stability is higher; if there is no cooling tower, and the cooling power of the chiller is small, it is recommended that Air-cooled chiller.

Generally speaking, extruder chiller use water cooled type chiller, standard models as below

8 10 12HP水机组合图.jpg

Water cooled chiller.jpg